Family Day was designed to enable workers to take a break from their hectic working lives and to spend some quality time with their family and friends. That means "you" too.
Whether you are considering holding your celebration in a public park, on your factory premises or in a 5 star venue, Event Affairs has the credentials and expertise to take care of all the details. From catering to OH&S matters, our staff will deliver you peace of mind handling all of your needs while taking care of your Staff and their Families letting them enjoy a much deserved fun and safe day.


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Experience Day

Factory site in Clayton, Robert Bosch (Australia)

2011 was for the Bosch Group a very significant year. A double anniversary celebration! The 125th anniversary of the company’s establishment and 150th birthday of Robert Bosch, the company's founder.  The Bosch Group is known as a leading global supplier of technology and services in many areas including  automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, building technology, and more.

The directive was clear. Open the factory grounds to the families of all employees to give them the opportunity to see and experience the “Bosch” of today. The challenge was to create a “Fun Park” complete with a marquee to accommodate all 3000 guests under cover without interrupting the ongoing manufacturing process. Safety for all was paramount.

Together with the Bosch’s representatives we prepared a Job Safety Analysis’ for each individual activity. Nothing was left to chance. Event Affairs then implemented the plan. All of the necessary infrastructure, staging, tables & chairs plus all the demands of the many vendors that made this day so special. The result was an outstanding day full of laughter, excitement and one of a kind experience. Event Affairs designed an incredible array of workshops and events that went from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra musicians to a ride on the ever-intriguing Segway.

There were stage shows, live music, climbing walls, a mini ZOO, art painting and more plus a kitchen for feeding the 3000 guests and doing it in style. What a great day! It was an engaging and tremendous afternoon that received sensational reviews at all levels. It was an afternoon that would have made Robert Bosch a proud man.

"The Experience Day celebrations exceeded everyone's expectations. Some 3,000 guests attended our family event which offered something for everyone. The atmosphere and the choice of entertainment and amusements ensured that everyone had a great time. Your creative ideas, enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail resulted in the perfect production and delivery of two exceptional events within our very tight budget."

Karl Zunic & Jacqui Howard
Anniversary Project Owner & Corporate Business Communications Manager
Robert Bosch Australia




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