They come in many different “shapes and sizes” from cocktail parties to sit down dinners to grand celebrations. What truly separates us in the competitive landscape is our ability to creating exceptional experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Our team is extremely motivated and dedicated to making every celebration reflect the host’s personality, taste and budget. Our experience with logistical details, from guest flow to entertainment to photography, ensures a seamless event.


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1960’s Psychedelic

The Apartment, OBS

OBS was founded in 1999 with a vision to create an IT company around people who were passionate, innovative and excited by technology. Their brief to us was to bring that same passion to a party to be had by all… so design we did bringing everyone back to an incredible time in life, the 60's. You were either there living it or envious you hadn't. It was an era of social conciseness, wild clothes and great times. Nothing was more fun than the 60's. So out came the lasers, the hazer's and electric colours, the daiquiris and guests adorn in bell-bottoms. It was a trip back in time as we used live music mixed with a DJ pulsating the room to “crazy” laser projections and the many elements of lighting to bring to life the textured fabrics around the room. The furniture & other features were covered with bright “tie-die” style fabric accented by Lava lamps. The perfect companions for the larger than life day glow "Peace Signs" hanging throughout the room. It was the right setting. The only thing missing was 60's Celebrity Icons so we did the next best thing. We brought full size statues of great stars like Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe and others. There was a lot of "wow" in the room. Our photographer was a busy person as the Monkey, the Dog, the Frug and the Freddie came to life on the dance floor. Everyone was twisted the night away glowing in the dark with their fluoro bracelets and necklaces. Champers for everyone! Job well done.


"I just want to say a big big thank you to you both for assisting us with our event! Zinc looked amazing all setup and we received so many compliments from all your hard work. Everybody loved the band and the entertainment. Thanks so much again, we couldn't have done it without you both."

Amanda Sperlinga
Marketing Assistant




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