The choice of venue is vital to the success of every event /presentation.
The space, the venue location and the costs are all relative in achieving your objectives.  Being part of the event industry since 1984, we have developed an information network that covers the newest and trendiest venues around Australia.

Our involvement in the early stages of your planning will assist you in securing the most suitable venue not just for space and location but also relative to the budget.

  • What should you consider when looking for a venue?
  • Is there easy access to the venue and parking available?
  • Shape of the room – will it suit the purpose of your event?
  • Are there any structural columns and/or walls that will be detrimental to your presentation and visibility?
  • Are there any access limitations?
  • Size of the room – will it fit all of your event requirements (e.g. presentation, projection, dance floor)?
  • Does the venue provide staging or do you need to bring it in?
  • Décor of the venue – will it suit your event?
  • Will you need to 'fight' with the interior to achieve your desired and chosen theme or presentation?
  • Does the venue provide some audio visual services as part of their hire fee?
  • Does the venue have in-house lighting?
  • Can you rig additional equipment if needed?
  • Does a room hire fee apply?
  • Is there a minimum spend required?
  • Will the venue provide menu tasting as part of their service?
  • What is the ratio of waiting staff in relation to the number of your guests?
  • Would you need to provide an open area to the smokers?



As a general rule this is a more expensive option as all infrastructure (marquee, power, cooking equipment, tables, chairs, linen, crockery and cutlery, etc.) as well as services (caterer, toilets, heating, lighting, etc.) need to be brought in. Very often permits will be required.

Event Affairs is not a venue finder in the strict meaning of the phrase, however we are here to share our expertise and knowledge as part of your event planning process.

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