Whether you are launching a product, acknowledging your peers, or in the spirit of celebration, planning your event can be stressful. There are many aspects to creating a successful presentation or event -  from the format of the event, selection of the venue, audio and visual requirements to catering. And most importantly, not forgetting to calculate and stick within the budget!

Since 1984, Event Affairs is here to take the stress out of organising your event. We have a rich history working within a wide variety of budgets and timelines. Along the way we have developed a strong, reliable network of suppliers. Our expertise has given us ready insight to see the 'full event picture' and to minimise risks.

We can help you to create the entire event, or to be of limited support for any aspect of your event.

Every event is unique and the planning stages are crucial to your events' success. By utilising our experience, we are able to lend our ideas and come up with innovative and engaging concepts that are economically viable. At the initial concept meeting, we will listen to your objectives and formulate a critical path to ensure your targets are achieved.

We then take care of the details, including attending meetings with suppliers and all administrative tasks involving your event.  By keeping you informed with regular briefings, you will be able to make the best decisions and be in control - without all the stress!

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