Event Affairs are Melbourne's premier event company with a history of impressive creative solutions, working within a wide variety of budgets and timeframes. Our goal is to make your event a resounding success from conception right through to execution!

We understand that your event is important to you and our role is to assist you achieve your events' objectives. We can take your event through from conception to reality, or provide you with support in a specific area.



The initial concept meeting is where your event starts to take shape. We’ll listen to your requirements and objectives, while lending our own ideas, experience and expertise to the conversation. We will help you realise the entire event – or work alongside you on any aspect of your event relating to the venue, event logo, gift design, room and stage presentation, menu selection, audio visual and more.



Our industry connections mean we have access to high-profile entertainers & speakers, amazing props, and latest event solutions. Let us work together with you on the concept – from the overall theme right down to the table settings. We’ll make sure your event is one to remember!



Whether it’s 20 guests or 2000, there are many details to take care of.  
By engaging Event Affairs you save time - while we attend all meetings with suppliers to discuss options and possibilities and brief you on the optimal and workable solutions only.
We will take care of realising the agreed concept, production, transportation – Australia wide. However - should you require our assistance only in a specific area or aspect of your event we will be happy to limit our support as per your requirements.

When the big day finally arrives we’re right there with you to ensure everything comes together just as planned. At your event you will be happy to see the same person whom you met at the initial meeting and collaborated with in the time leading up to your event. You will feel safe, confident and comfortable with Event Affairs. You’ll be free to enjoy your event along with your guests.

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